Temporary home

Temporary home
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The view of the Andes from the spot where I will be setting up the equipment is breathtaking...
It all started with a pleasant drive from San Juan to the El Leoncito location. All of a sudden an Andes vista opened up after passing the pre-Andes mountain range and upon entering the valley. Driving on, I had a view of the highest peak in America: the Aconcagua, just 40 meters short of 7000 meters high.
After passing the nice little town of Barreal I took a left turn heading for the El Leoncita National Park. Driving through lush green parkland you would not have the idea that you are at 2000 meters elevation. After climbing the dirt road I arrived at the CASLEO observatory, where I will live the coming weeks. Later that day I took this photo at the actual site where the measurements will be done. In the middle of a plane with small shrubs, and rimmed by relatively low hills, I will erect the antenna masts and set up the receivers. From there, for almost 180 degrees I have a gorgeous view of the Andes mountain range, including the second highest peak at 6770 meters, the Mercedario.
It will be hard to concentrate on the work at hand with so much impressive scenery around.


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