Six Antennas

Six Antennas

For the SSSM project (SKA Site Spectrum Monitoring) I am about to embark on a site surveying mission to South Africa. The objective is to investigate the electromagnetic environment at this site in order to establish the suitability of the site for a large scale next generation radio telescope. In other words: how much man made radio noise is received at this particular site. Obviously, the less the better.
Therefore candidate sites are chosen from a number of very thinly populated locations at about 30 degrees latitude, North or South. After the Karoo desert in South Africa the measuring equipment will travel to China, Western Australia and finally to Argentina. About 4 to 5 weeks will be spent doing survey measurements at each site.
The picture shows the measuring antennas, just before they were packed for first shipment. In all six can be counted, five in the foreground and the sixth one in the background: the famous 25 meter dish of the Dwingeloo Radio Observatory.

Frogs in love

Frogs in love I
Originally uploaded by Rob Millenaar.

The brown frogs are having a ball in the pond. A couple of years ago we created a shallow section where fish have no access and where the tadpoles can grow up in peace. The frogs have since responded and produce frog spawn in huge blobs.
An occasional early green frog is grabbed by one or more browns, to no avail obviously. The green frogs will have their turn in May.


Hyperbole I

A very cold morning, with mercury falling down to 20 C below, brought stunning scenery. A waxing moon, whisps of fog and shades of steel blue. The photograph is one of a small series, centered on these snow covered mounds. See: http://www.flickr.com/photos/robmillenaar/sets/147584/

Having a cold spell *this* cold is a rare occasion in The Netherlands. We enjoy it while it lasts.


Dwingeloo Radio Telescope

Dwingeloo Radio Telescope
Dwingeloo Radio Telescope,
originally uploaded by Rob Millenaar.
Last night, and through much of the day we have been getting the most snow this season. It makes for fairy tale scenery. As always the old radio telescope near my office looks really good dressed in snow.