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After arriving in Argentina in the middle of the night I had the opportunity to stroll through Buenos Aires the next day. This is a city with many faces: the old and the new, the rich and the poor, the trafic, the parks with their blooming Jacaranda trees, and most of all the people. In some ways the city made me think of Barcelona.
I went to one of the many Tango and dinner shows and had a very plesant evening, talking to a guy from Puerto Rico and a lady from South Africa. We all enjoyed the show immensely. Naturally I took some pictures. All without flash of course. The flash would freeze up the moment and would kill the mood of the evening. Many photo's were unusable but I harvested quite a few images that do justice to the atmosphere that will forever linger in my mind.
Tomorrow I will continue on my journey to San Juan and then onwards to the site where I will stay for the next couple of weeks.


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