At Dawodang

Dawodang 1
Originally uploaded by Rob Millenaar.

A couple of days ago I arrived at the village of Tongzhou in the Guizhou province in Southern China. It is from here that we will make daily trips to the site where we do the SKA reconaissance measurements.
The site is situated on the edge of a Karst depression, which holds the village of Dawodang. A Karst depression was formed ages ago in limestone rock by dissolving the rock in water. The water seeped into the aquifer leaving impressive bowl shaped pits in the landscape. The hills are riddled with caves.
This is rice paddy country with intense green patches situated especially at the bottom of the depressions. The scenery is truly awesome; even after being part of this landscape for a number of days it doesn't seize to amaze me! This is Mother Nature at her finest...