Timecapsule, originally uploaded by Rob Millenaar.
What do you get when it rains for days on end in Hilo on the Big Island of Hawai'i? A swollen Wailuku river and a torrent of water falling off the edge at Rainbow Falls. A popular spot for tourists to gape at nature's wonders, with an ever present rainbow to grace the countless photo's that are taken here. That is, when the sun is shining, which was rather rare last week. Compensating for the lack of a rainbow is the water itself. It has picked up so much sediment and soil that is has coloured itself red. Orange really!
Late one afternoon, when most of the tourists were gone, I set up for a couple of long exposure time shots, with tripod and neutral density filters. I got some wonderful results, like in the image, where an orange sheet appears to be draped from the rocks, framed in green tropical scenery. A time capsule of 18 seconds in the life of the waterfall, compressed into one image.
Hawai'i, and especially the windward side of the Big Island, will never seize to hold its spell on me.