Reintroducing: bright colours!

Originally uploaded by Rob Millenaar.

The mission to the Karoo has been successul, both in a technical/scientific way and in more personal aspects. It has been wonderful living among such nice people in such a stunningly beautiful environment as the Karoo desert.
I've been back from the desert and its chocolate colours into a world with bright, saturated colours. You don't realise this until you experience the transition. The Liriodendron Tulipifera leaves in this image convey the contrast.
Now, we're getting ready for the mission in China. I expect much greener scenery there than in the Karoo. Each landscape brings its own natural wonders; I'm looking forward in anticipation.


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Sound & Sense said...

Like you, we're looking forward to your posts about China, and the photographs you'll post from there on Flickr. Can you give us an indication of where in China you'll be?