Back in Hawai'i

Back in Hawai'i, originally uploaded by Rob Millenaar.
Ahh.. I'm back where I belong. That's how it felt, stepping off the plane in good old Hilo. Over the years I have been here so many times, that the place has grown on me. And now, for a month, I can call it home once more.

This picture is interesting in more than one way. First it shows the gorgeous backdrop of the lush vegetation along Honolii stream on the Hamakua Coast of the Big Island. I've been hiking along the stream for only a short stretch as there was no good trail to be found. I need to do some more exploring.

Second, you'll notice the extremely wide angle that is afforded by my new Sigma 10-20mm zoom lens, set at its shortest zoom distance. I'm sure this lens is going to give me lots of new photo opportunities. The old days of switching lenses all the time are back.

Third, note the weathered visage of the traveller. A latent flue keeps him from looking cheerful, even though in his heart he is. The rate at which wrinkles appear has recently increased substantially. Young at heart, old(er) at the outer layer. No worries!


Tony said...

Hi Rob - I've been thinking about that wide angle lens, and it looks like Hawaii is a great place to try it out. Lucky you !

I'm also wondering about those archives you've talked about - I suspect you're going to have a very busy retirement scanning and posting !

Heather said...

Hello! I am now part of the Millenaar family! I just married Kyle Millenaar in California and we're possibly traveling to Hilo Hawaii for our honeymoon. I thought it might be fun to email and contact some other Millenaars and say hello!

I love your photographs. I'm going to put it on my favorite websites and take a look at all of your pictures.

~Heather Millenaar

Sabrina said...

I found your blog though your flickr profile, whatever few thoughts you have put here are a pleasure to read, maybe you could blog just once in a month or two months, to keep it fresh :)
be happy!