In awe

In awe
Rob Millenaar.

Karoo Thunder

The day is warm and dry in the Karoo, but in the morning signs of high cumulus castellanus were visible. Many times these harbingers bring what they promise: Thunderstorm.

The end of the afternoon comes with thickening clouds and thunder can be heard in the distance. Later, on the western horizon lightning can be seen as rain gushes down on the desert. Still far behind the mountains there seems to be no need to hurry to get the equipment safely switched off and tied down. In less than 15 minutes the clouds gather from all sides and the storm is upon us. Lightning all around and the wind picks up dramatically. The rain is not here yet but we see it coming rapidly. As the sun gets lower the scenery changes into drama I've never witnessed before. The empty deset bathes in an eery light and towards the mountains an awesome sunset unfolds.


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Els.millenaar@Gmail.com said...

Love the decription of the weather; there's poetry in the words as well as in the beautiful photo. The desert seems a very appropriate place: away from noise.
The quieter you become, the more you hear.
Looking forward to more posts!

Take care,